Wings of Fancy

WingsThumbThe idea to make Fairy Wings was likely deep rooted in my love for all things princess/fantasy-like, starting with ponies and barbies at a young age, and maturing from there. I don’t play with barbie any more, though I do occasionally paint a miniature horse or two…

Back on topic, fairies are something of an extension of that “fantasy” era a child goes through. Sparklie, fanciful creatures of mischief and mirth. Bearing the true being of “freedom” with their iridescent wings. Who wouldn’t want to feel like they could just flutter off the ground at any moment? I like to think the love and care I put into making these wings makes the wearer feel like that, just a little.

Wing Gallery

Wings in Progress

New Year Resolutions for 2013

So, over the holidays we had friends over for fun and fellowship. We also had many long, late-night discussions. A few of us set goals for the coming year. Mine had a lot to do with Winterflight, so I thought the best thing to do is post them publicly so … Continue reading