Winter Flight Designs

In addition to being artistic as a child and adult, I’ve often found myself feeling “crafty”. (No, not THAT kind of crafty. Though, I do confess to enjoying that song from time to time.) Crafty as in creating something with my hands in the traditional sense. (As opposed to the digital sense – for that, we have Moondancer Designs)

Wings of Fancy


The idea to make Fairy Wings was likely deep rooted in my love for all things princess/fantasy-like, starting with ponies and barbies at a young age, and maturing from there. I don’t play with barbie any more, though I do occasionally paint a miniature horse or two…

Back on topic, fairies are something of an extension of that “fantasy” era a child goes through. Sparklie, fanciful creatures of mischief and mirth. Bearing the true being of “freedom” with their iridescent wings. Who wouldn’t want to feel like they could just flutter off the ground at any moment? I like to think the love and care I put into making these wings makes the wearer feel like that, just a little.

Be sure to check out my Wings in Progress!


Custom Jewelry

Wings were not exactly the gateway drug into the addictive world of crafting, but I’ve been crafting for so long, I don’t recall what was. (I’m a girl, so there’s SO many things it could have been…) All of my items are one-of-a-kind and while they may be reproduced in the future, due to the hand-made nature of the items, they will never be identical.

Painters Palette

ScrollSpotTraditional art; the application of pigments to a surface.Occasionally the line blurs between Moondancer Designs and Winter Flight Designs when these items become part of  another craft.
It’s not always about a paint-brush and acrylic paints, but that does seem to be a lot of it. 

Made with Love – The Other Crafts

FlowersHand made items for gifts, commissions, and sales across a wide variety of artistic venues that do not fit into the categories above.

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