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Want to know more about me and what makes me do those wicked things that I do? Follow me down the rabbit hole.

Laura Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs. My name is Laura and I’m a creative deviant of many talents. (Craft-a-holic?)

I suppose you’ve come here to find out more about me, or find a way to reach me. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

…at least, as soon as I can get the information up here for you. Till then, feel free to check around and leave a comment on any of the pages if you find anything that needs my attention.

You can Like me on Facebook and follow the curious ramblings of a crafty-madwoman. You can follow any of my boards on Pinterest if you have an inclination. You can add me to your watch list on DeviantArt and see the madness in all it’s gloriously glorious glory. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel and see the moving pictures of my little world when they are uploaded. You can also check out my Etsy shop to see if any of my projects are up for sale (though, currently I have nothing set up).

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You can also contact me by leaving a comment below!

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