Soul Sight

SeeingSoulsWhat would you see if you could look past the neat packaging of skin and bones and see the soul within? While each soul may not be a rainbow of vibrant colors, just as each person is different, together they make up and create the spectrum of light and color.

That was the concept that started this series of images; the idea of seeing into a sort of astral level, and seeing a person not in their flesh and bones, but in their soul.

In early 2006 in fact I played a character in a Forgotten Realms based world in an online computer game called Neverwinter Nights, on a world called Arelith. The character’s name was Xyndral. Someone asked what Xyndral’s soul would look like, and I had to stop and think about it. And the following images were born. What started off as one soon grew to encompass many of the characters that surrounded Xyndral, and then expanded to different games and circles all together.


More images are on the way. I also welcome requests.

A few more souls can be found on my Deviant Art page, here: WinterFlightDesign – Souls Gallery