Moondancer Digital Designs

Digital Graphics & Design

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been artistic. Crayon scrawlings mostly in the lines in coloring books (as opposed to on the walls, like my siblings) as a young child, colored pencil scribbles on scraps of paper (receipts, book reports, whatever) left on the kitchen counter, colored pen doodles in the corner of a page of notes for a class (Algebra and American History). In this age of digital media, it’s obvious I would turn to the computer. (Though I still enjoy a good brush in my hands, covered in paint. I suppose there is a lot of fun in washing all the paint off your fingertips when you’re done, right?)

To the best of my ability, I have attempted to sort things into simple categories:

Web Design Graphics

MDesignIcon.pngUnique image designs for websites (like this one!) ranging from simple graphics and text to complex photo manipulations and graphics that move and shift while you watch.

Soul Sight

souls53a32c65ac63d.jpgThe concept that started this series of images was the idea of seeing into a sort of astral level, and seeing a person not in their flesh and bones, but in their soul and then showing that fantastical design of colors and light to the world.

You really have to see the images to understand.

Digital Coloring Book

colors.jpgDigital coloring of artwork not originally created by me.

Many artists can draw wonderful images of flight and fantasy (and I may not be able to count myself among them) and ask for artistic people to breath life into their works by coloring them in vivid displays of imagination.

I am all too happy to oblige.